FAQ – Frequently asked questions about bottle holders of AC italiandesign

  1. How can I find out if the AC Italiandesign containers are compatible with my bottle size?
    Our containers are made to measure for most models and sizes of bottles on the market. For each order is always required to attach the technical sheet of the bottles.The necessary changes to the container will be made on the basis of the dimensions shown in the technical sheet without additional costs even for minimum orders.
    To confirm the compatibility of the container with your bottle send the technical sheet of the bottle to our email address marketing@albrico.it specifying the model of the container of your interest.
  2. Does the type of cap used affect the compatibility of the container?
    In some container models the type of cap may require specific modifications, so it is always required to indicate the type of cap that will be used (eg wine, crown, mushroom, other).
  3. What is the customization of the container?
    It is possible to customize the containers with your company logo by laser engraving on the container and / or on a medal (depending on the container model).
    Personalization is optional, and requires sending your logo in any vector format (pdf, ai, psd, dxf, other).
    The image should be monochromatic because the laser engraving does not provide for the colors, the result is similar to that of a marking in focus.
  4. Is it possible to request a customized container for multiple models or bottle sizes?
    Yes, but it must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for info and estimate at marketing@albrico.it.
  5. How can I request a quote or make an order?
    You can have an estimate of your order using our catalog / price list in maximum transparency.
    To request a quote fill out the request form you find here, you will receive the order form. In the event that you wish to proceed with the order, please change the order form, with the appropriate signature and stamp, to our address. You’ll receive a confirmation email.
  6. What are the payment methods?
    Payment by bank transfer: 50% to order confirmation, balance at the end of processing. The order will be processed upon payment of the advance payment, and will be delivered upon payment of the balance.
  7. What are the delivery times?
    Our containers are made on request, so times will vary depending on the quantities ordered. An estimate of delivery times will be communicated when ordering.
  8. What are the shipping costs?
    Transport in Italy
    For orders up to € 500.00 * contribution to shipments of € 9.90 * **
    For orders over € 500.00 * free shipping **
    * VAT excluded
    ** fixed supplement of € 19,90 excluding VAT for the municipalities of Campione d’Italia and Livigno
    Transport in Europe
    The cost of shipments to Europe will be calculated according to the following rates.


Bottle model: by bottle model we mean its shape, this is usually indicated with proper names, eg. bordolese, renana, borgognotta, sciampagnotta etc.

Bottle size: by bottle size we mean its volume.

Generally the formats are indicated with proper names, ex. demi 33Cl, standard 75Cl, magnum 150Cl etc.

Bottle technical sheet: Each manufacturer adopts personal variants to the bottle models, so the shape and size may also differ significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The technical sheet of the bottle, issued by its producer, is the document that accurately describes, through dimensioned drawings, the shape and the dimensions of the specific bottle model.

Container model: we mean the container models on our catalog:

Space, Megaron, Ziqqurat, Naos. Some of these are available in several versions depending on the number of bottles they contain, eg. Space 1bott, Space 2bott, Space 3bott.

Container format: each container model can be purchased for different bottle sizes, for example the Space 1bott model. It is available for 33Cl, 50Cl, 75Cl bottles.